Management Report La Meseta 2017

Management Report La Meseta 2017

At La Meseta we have a close relationship with coffee, we are fortunate to be able to participate in the value chain going through production, wet milling, threshing, commercialization of a sublime product, the commercialization of added coproducts, the transportation and generation of added value.

We work lines of differentiated, certified and specialized coffee. We respect our product and are grateful for the good fortune of being part of this important sector of our country. We admire coffee as a historic Colombian product, and economic and social development engine. We work day-to-day and shoulder-to-shoulder with the self-sacrificing and hardworking Colombian coffeegrower. We are coffee people. We are united with millions of farmers and other workers of the field commercializers and employees in the sector that live the daily necessity of the business in its distinct facets. We are thankful for the work of the coffee roasters baristas and impresarios that bring the product to the end consumer, making that person feel their wishes are limitless, allowing this to expand more forcefully to all the corners of the planet in its diverse and varied forms.

At La Meseta we are loyal administrators of coffee as a paradoxical beverage, which from its most simple form has confronted and imposed itself on the widest and most varied competition, aspiring to feats like confronting the millennial old tea culture of China. A product of contrasts with bittersweet sensations, multiple units of measure, unpredictable prices and multiple flavors.

We share the pleasure and passion for this multi-color gold that has deserved the effort and labor of millions of farmers all around the world, and which has given Colombia the luxury of being rebellious and respond to alternative technologies for its harvest, and continue depending on the hands of workers to pick its ripe fruit one by one. Only a very powerful product can afford this luxury, a product ever-present for so many, but which time and again knows how to win the hearts of youth with diverse and attractive forms of consumption like the expansion of coffee stores all over the world, the barista culture and the permanent experimentation with coffees of different preparations and specialties. We have the good fortune of knowing a star product, a product that continues being young, even though it has a long history, a characteristic that only someone who intends to live a long life can enjoy. For all these reasons we feel that coffee is in style. We’re confident that this will continue and will allow us to continue to enjoy its production, processing and commercialization in order to share with you from La Meseta for many years to come.

Day of planting trees with children in Hacienda La Estrella

Day of planting trees with children in Hacienda La Estrella


In a true carnival became the day of arborización that was realized at the Hacienda La Estrella, of the Compañía Cafetera La Meseta.

Boys and girls students of the Simón Bolívar School, teachers, parents and community in general of La Estrella Estate, participated decisively in the important activity.

The reforestation and environmentally friendly event was attended by Chec and representatives of the Fundación Ecológica Cafetera.

Very early the meeting began with a discussion, where the importance of protecting watersheds was announced, and an illustration was also made of the bird species that predominate in the area and the main characteristics of the trees to be planted.

Subsequently, the assistants moved to the areas adjacent to the Quebrada Estrella, where they proceeded to plant dozens of native trees such as; cedar rosé, walnut, vanillo, seven leathers, yellow coffee, bullet cannon, guamo macheto and tabaquillo, among others.

For Milton Harold García Bustamante; Coordinator of Special Coffees, “this activity is only a sample of the commitment that the Coffee Company La Meseta has with the conservation of the environment and the protection of the ecosystem”.

“The participation of the community is very important, especially the children, because from an early age, they learn to have a sense of belonging and to be friendly and responsible, protecting watersheds,” said García Bustamante.

The Meseta has planned to move forward with these reforestation programs and for this it has strategic alliances whose purpose is to plant thousands of native trees in these beautiful coffee lands.

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