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Compañía Cafetera
Exportadores de Café
Colombia Coffee
UTZ Certified

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Compañia Cafetera la Meseta is a Colombian company whose shareholders, started as small producers. La Meseta S.A. understood and experienced coffee from its roots and with dedication, effort and confidence in the sector, has managed, despite the difficulties become one of the country's strongest export companies, with a production and export capacity of 50,000 bags monthly and a strong belief and reinvestment in Colombian coffee.

¿How to get our coffee?

Step 1.
Knowing our coffee pricing

The price for Colombian coffee is composed of 2 factors: price of coffee on the platform ICE (Intercontinental Exchange), plus the premium for Colombian coffee, which is known as differential, this differential varies daily according to market circumstances, we as exporters have the option of fixing the price on the ICE when we consider appropriate, which is why customers must have a futures account in order to perform this operation.

Now, if the client does not have an account or prefer not to have it, we can handle a fixed price for billing, which is established at the time of the contract and shall consist of the sum of the 2 factors mentioned above, this will be considered as the final sale price will not lead to change.

In either of the two cases mentioned, the price is FOB Basis. If you need CIF, please let us know.

Step 2.
Verifying availability of coffee

In Compañia Cafetera la Meseta we have coffee available throughout the year, because in Colombia there is fresh coffee available all year long as we have 2 crops during the year. We provide coffee for prompt shipment (30 days after the contract is made​​) as well as for future shipments we can provide coffee once the price is agreed at the time of the contract.

Café Ep Europa - Café Ep Europa - Café Ep Europa -


Step 3.
Payment terms

Payment of Colombian coffee is C.A.D. (Cash Against Documents) or payment against delivery of documents. La Meseta makes this process through bank collection; for new customers, the conditions will be reached by mutual agreement, payment by letter of credit is also accepted by us.

Step 4.
Knowing minimum amount to ship, packing and sampling

The minimum amount Coffee Company embarked by La Meseta is of 150 sisal bags 70Kilos on 700 gram bags. We can send pre-shipment samples for approval. If you require a smaller amount than 150 bags per container we will ask you please contact us to evaluate possibilities.

Step 5.
Being registered to the National Federation of coffee growers

All Colombian coffee sold abroad must be recorded in the archives of the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia. For this, any person or company that wants to buy coffee from us, must register as a buyer of Colombian coffee.

Step 6.
Coffee contract types

 For cargo destined for the United States, Canada and Mexico, the contract that governs is the GCA  (Green Coffee Contract)  the contract for loads to Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania, governs the European Contract for Coffee.

Step 7.
Defining destination for Colombian coffee

In Compañia Cafetera la Meseta, we can ship coffee to the port that our customers require it, as long as at least one shipping line offers that route.

Step 8.
New client application

Now that you know the conditions to buy our coffee, we invite you to fill out the form below to know more about you and be able to start negotiating the coffee of La Meseta.


1. Samples: if you require samples for evaluation, please check the YES box on the questionnaire below

2. Questions: If you still have doubts please check our section FAQ´s, furthermore you can ask any other question on the field “comments” here below.

3. Registration to FNC: For registration process to the National Federation of coffee growers as buyer, please contact us to send you instructions. 

Step 9.
 us (Request samples or quotes)


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