Hacienda La Francia resumes its coffee vocation

Hacienda La Francia resumes its coffee vocation

Thanks to the La Meseta Coffee Company “La Francia” resumes its coffee vocation

Very close to the village of La Estrella that forms part of the municipality of Chinchiná, you will find ‘La Francia’, an Hacienda that for many years was important for the production of coffee and generated employment for the people that lived in the surrounding areas, and also itinerant workers.

Alongside other important Haciendas of the municipality, “La Francia” stood out for contributing a significant amount of grain to the coffee market, contributing to maintain the levels of production that led to Chinchiná appearing to be one of the great producers of coffee in the national panorama.

Throughout a period in which the cattle became present in the sector, its fertile lands were covered with pastures where a single caporal accompanied by four horsemen, were enough to corral and take care of more than 300 heads of cattle that grazed on more than 50 hectares of land.

Thanks to the commitment of the Coffee Company La Meseta, and its full confidence in the power of coffee, “La Francia” once again is resuming its coffee vocation and since 2015 the company has made every effort, so that its agricultural spirit flourishes and Coffee will continue, once more, to be its leading product. Thanks to a firm decision and hard work, according to the Agricultural Engineer, Yesid Alejandro López, Administrator of “La Francia”, 720,000 coffee trees were planted. Also new modern facilities are being built, so that collectors and workers can enjoy a comfortable stay. This has allowed direct jobs to be generated for 250 people who work for 4 months, and another 120 who work for an 8 month period.

Better yet, the people that live in the villages ‘La Estrella’, ‘El Trebol’ and ‘Buenavista’ are happy because in the months of October and November the first crop will allow them to improve their economic income.

“La Francia” expects to receive between 100 and 150 people to work – men and women – this being one of the main social objectives of La Meseta. We will continue to work to promote “La Francia” as one of the main Haciendas for the production of coffee and a great generator of employment in the municipality of Chinchiná.