La Meseta S.A. In its growth process La Meseta S.A. has developed and accumulated significant experience in the production chain and integration in the business especially through: Finca la Guamera, Wet mill La Meseta, La Insula wet mill and storage facility, and the La Meseta dry mill; these characteristics guarantee a high knowledge and special care of the product starting with planting, to provide our customers the best quality.

Branches of the Company

Branch Wet Mill La Meseta Farm La Guamera

Finca la Guamera, Wet Mill La Meseta

Our flagship business! Continuing the tradition of cultivating coffee and the work of our ancestors, the undertakings of La Meseta S.A. started at the Guamera farm in 1983, the year in which its founders began production on a small scale, paying attention to the best agronomic conditions in breeding and the selection of the best coffee to purchase, the farm harvests an average of 190,000 pounds of Excelso coffee for the Company (estate coffee bags x 2700), for its part, the wet mill la Meseta handles about 370,000 Kilograms from neighboring coffee producers (5285 bags) using the highest quality standards. The wet mill La Meseta serves 120 coffee growers from nearby farms

We have UTZ certification, this is in recognition of or continual search for quality regards our processes and our commitment to good manufacturing practices. Rain Forest Alliance

In addition, the La Meseta SA Coffee Company has led the UTZ certification process for a group of properties near La Finca La Guamera, these farms market their coffee through the La Meseta as beneficiaries. We always strive to be aware of the importance of this kind of social work and support Coffee growers in our area of influence.

Branch La Insula Wet Mill

La Insula Wet Mill

La Insula has become the biggest ecological wet mill in Colombia! It has a daily processing capacity of 62,500 kg of coffee cherries. The history and continuous presence of the business has allowed La Insula to serve a large number of small, medium and large providers from all the coffee belt, collecting and processing an average of 2,100,000 Kilograms of Excelso coffee per year (30,000 bags of 70 Kg) , which are milled, selected and exported by the La Meseta Dry Mill.

Branch Santa Rosa Storage Center

La Insula (Santa Rosa) Storage Center

In search of a closer relationship with suppliers, La Insula Santa Rosa Storage Center, a unit that is located in the municipality of Santa Rosa de Cabal, Risaralda, one of the most important coffee departments in the country, has become a focal point for small, medium and large farmers in the area. Today, this branch collects an average of 800,000 kilograms of Excelso coffee (11,500 bags of 70 Kg) per year.

Branch Thresher La Meseta

La Meseta Dry Mill

Located strategically in the municipality of Chinchiná (part of the Coffee Triangle), since 2003 La Meseta Dry Mill has been the last link in our production chain. We always strive for of an ever closer relationship with our customers, complementing this relationship with threshing and the selection of the best coffee. The plant is equipped with the ultimate technology for mechanical and electronic selection. We are fully aware that the care we take during production and our commitment to quality will be the determining factor for sustainability, development and customer satisfaction.

The dry mill was awarded BASC certification in 2010, in recognition of our search for greater transparency in our operations and safety for our customers.

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Excelso Specialty Coffees Inga Aponte 2150
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