Coffee farms committed to environmental sustainability, social and economic

Coffee farms committed to environmental sustainability, social and economic

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Main features that differentiate the properties of The Coffee Company La Meseta S.A being a role model in the country!

The coffee farms: La Guamera and Berlin, certified farms are the special sustainable raincoats Rainforest Alliance Certified and UTZ Certified respectively, and La France is in the process of internal implementation to get the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal this year.

As a certified coffee farm with the Sustainable Agriculture Standard Rainforest Alliance Certified , La Guamera is committed to a medium and long term social and environmental management system. Committing to design an organizational structure, which includes functions, responsibilities, lines of authority and communication; Showing the desirable results to be achieved over time, with processes and procedures through which the activities and the tasks to be carried out are carried out in order to comply with the standards of sustainable special coffees.

While the Berlin Coffee Estate is linked in the UTZ Certified Sustainable Special Coffees Group along with 51 other farms, leading to continuous improvement processes, in order to comply with the UTZ Certified Code of Conduct, which is based on the realization Of better agricultural practices, working conditions and environmental sustainability over time. The implementation of the UTZ Certified code of conduct contributes to the coffee growers of the coffee specialties group of The Coffee Company La Meseta S.A. to cultivate better harvests and generate a greater income, increasing their social and economic adaptation and preserving Natural resources for the future.

The group of sustainable specialty coffees is governed by an Internal Management System (GIS), which has documented quality control, where it is possible to evaluate the proper functioning of the same, in order to comply with the requirements demanded by the UTZ Certified code of conduct. This system guarantees documented quality and will enable La Compañía Coffee Company La Meseta S.A to deliver with satisfaction to the external certifying entity an evaluation of the optimal functioning of its requirements.

The plantations of the Coffee Company La Meseta S.A ensure environmental, social and economic sustainability, which contribute to a better well-being of its employees and their families.

Special high-quality coffee and productivity on our coffee farms

Special high-quality coffee and productivity on our coffee farms

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Meet the Top 10 we make to achieve high quality special coffee and production on our farms.

Sustainable specialty coffees are those that retain a consistency in their physical characteristics (shape, size, humidity, appearance and defects), sensory (olfactory, visual and gustatory), cultural practices (collection, washing, drying) and their final processes Grinding, milling and preparation); Characteristics that distinguish them from the common coffees and for which customers are willing to pay a higher price.

1. Social: Contribution to improving income and quality
of employees and their families. Conditions worthy of lodging,
food, fair treatment, decent remuneration and medical services in general.

2. Environmental: Protection of the environment as the preservation of the zones
forest protection, bird protection, wild fauna and flora, soil resource protection,
protection of water resources, that is conservation, protection and care of the
biodiversity on coffee farms.

3. Economic: Greater differentiation of the product, access to the market and
long-term commercial relationships, diversified and well-managed farms, better
administrative practices and increased productivity.

4. Implementation of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) in sustainable production
of coffee cultivation:
Use of certified coffee seed, adequate nutrition
the coffee plantations, based on the analysis of fertility, integrated pest management,
diseases and arable, rational use of agrochemicals, water resource protection
training of employees and their families, use of appropriate
personal protection for the application of agrochemicals, selective collection and
classification of ripe fruits, use of the ecological benefit of coffee,
mechanical demisting, silos mechanical dryers, logs, packaging,
transport, storage and threshing. All these implementations supported and
based on certificates of analysis and quality and with preventive action plans
and corrective.

5. Professional technical assistance: Agronomists trained to implement
techniques and agronomic practices for the improvement of coffee cultivation.

6. Safety: Coffee fruits without pollutants (fungus residues, of metals
heavy and pesticides).

7. Physical quality: Ripe and healthy fruits, parchment and healthy almonds, appearance
homogeneous, humidity 10 to 12%, size of the almond according to market.

8. Quality of the drink: Balance in the sensorial characteristics, without aromas or flavors
strange, without deterioration or contamination.

9. Traceability and chain of custody: Implementation of Good Practices
manufacturing (BPM) in the Thresher Plateau; BASC certification, offering a guarantee
that their products and services are subject to strict
areas through various systems and processes. Quality procedures and standards
in terms of the traceability and chain of custody of Rainforest certified coffee
alliance Certified and UTZ Certified.

10. The Coffee Company The Plateau S.A: Promotes a socially fair coffee,
environmentally sound and economically viable.