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Logo Rain ForestFinca la Meseta S.A. has received the Rain Forest Alliance certification, a seal of quality that focuses its efforts on the conservation of water sources, flora and fauna, residues handling, fair treatment of workers and in general the fair treatment of the environment around certified farms. It is the first farm belonging to the La Meseta group to obtain this certification and our aim is to obtain this certification for the other farms and therefore contribute to the goal of sustainable agriculture.

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Moreover, Compañía Cafetera la Meseta S.A. obtained at the end of 2010, the BASC certification, ensuring the safety of our processes in order to provide our customers with an increasing confidence in the quality of our operation.


utz-logo-2016-eng-01Compañía Cafetera La Meseta has been a pioneer in the certification processes of UTZ Certified Goods Inside coffee for the private sector. In 2008 the certification of the farm La Meseta was begun, and in 2009 we obtained the certification ‘Chain of Custody’ for the wet mill La Meseta, La Insula wet mill and Thresher La Meseta. The certification continues on a yearly basis supporting leadership, growth and good performance. In 2010 a group of farmers in the municipalities of Villamaría, Manizales and Chinchiná were recognized for good agricultural and management practices of the product from planting, growth and development until harvest. At this point the group was comprised of 19 production units, in 2011 this increased to 37 with the addition of the towns Palestina and Neira to our network. These producers have become allies of the company from different points of purchase, have improved their practices in sustainability and are already getting an added value for their crops. For the year 2012, we have planned the implementation of new production units located in the Santa Rosa de Cabal and Marsella, a town located in the Department of Risaralda.

With these initiatives La Meseta demonstrates its commitment to good practices, the future of coffee growing in Colombia, and the goal to become an important supplier of UTZ CERTIFIED Good Inside for the world market.

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