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Compañia Cafetera La Meseta is a family business with a lot of experience in the marketing of Colombian coffee. Reliability and performance has allowed us continued growth and market permanence since its inception in 1983. The history of La Meseta began as small-scale coffee growers with a production of 10.000kg of coffee parchment in the town of Villamaria, State of Caldas, Colombia, and today the company has established itself as a strong agro-industrial complex with an average production of export type Excelso coffee (green coffee) averaging 70,000 bags per month.

The trajectory, experience and knowledge of the environment from the ground up, has allowed our company to transform difficulties and crisis into growth opportunities, even during the toughest of times in Colombian coffee´s recent history.

Exports: Recognition of our work!


To be an outstanding example that it is possible to start and consolidate a world-class coffee company, with discipline, humility and commitment to generate a high social impact.


By 2020 La Meseta S.A projects to be a leading multinational coffee company, renowned for the high quality of its products and processes and committed to continuous improvement.

BASC Security Manual

Taking into account the constant evolution of international trade, the need is evident to improve the processes within the companies in both the industrial part and the logistics processes that allow not only the guarantee to the customer of the delivery of a product according to their requirements but also the achievement of high competitive standards and effectiveness in the export logistics chain. To see the complete security manual, download it by clicking the following button:

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Excelso Green Coffee Supremo UGQ Normal
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Excelso Specialty Coffees Inga Aponte 2150
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