Excelso Green Coffee Supremo Europa EP 10%

Project Description

Below are the coffee standards that we in Compañia Cafetera la Meseta offer, each of these qualities are pre-tested on a physical level and mesh size, and cupped in our coffee quality laboratory, ensuring that the product we are delivering meets the expectations of our customers, as well as national and international quality standards.

UTZ Certified Good Inside Certification

Origin coffee from certified farms, whose production has met the codes of conduct by UTZ Certified Good Inside and guaranteeing their origin, cultivation efficiency, good manufacturing practices and protecting the chain of custody.

We maintain availability for UTZ CERTIFIED Good Inside coffee in the standards described below, we also sell our coffee in these qualities without the seal UTZ:

Excelso Green Coffee Europa EP 10%

With a composition of flat beans and snail (caracol) beans, of sizes ranging between large, medium and small which are retained above the # 15 screen with a flexibility of 10% of the beans that are collected on the # 14/12 mesh which are properly chosen by the selection process.

Application Form for Sampling and Quotes.

150150 to 500+ of 1.000

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Project Details

January 1st, 1983
Excelso Coffee, Excelso Coffee UTZ
Productores y Exportadores Café de Colombia (Excelso Café Verde en Grano)

Project Skills

  • Acidity Medium high
  • Aroma Caramel
  • Aroma Fruits
  • Body Medium
  • Flavor Delicate
  • Flavor Persistent