Excelso Specialty Coffees Inga Aponte 2150

Project Description

Excelso Specialty Coffees Colombia Inga Ponte BagThe Inga community are the descendants of the ancient and widely known pre-hispanic Incas, they lived at the top of the Andes mountains in Peru, descendants of nomad warriors of the Inca empire army. During the period of conquest they remained isolated in those high mountains that became their natural refuge. Records of these people only appeared again in the second half of the XIX century, when they entered the rubber and the quina plant business.

In the 20th century, in the 1930s there was a war between Colombia and Peru, as a consequence of the Peruvian occupation of a Colombian territory. At this time many Inga’s went to the big cities and even traveled to Venezuela.

During the 1990´s, they returned to their places of origin and made arrangements with the government to get land for the community, this was granted under the protected territories program. Community initiatives were started to generate the process of ethnic-education along with new forms of agricultural production.

The same area that had served them for many years as a refuge also experienced difficult problems in the 1990´s and the beginning of the twenty-first century. Illegal plantations, violence, and the violation of their human rights were common place and the Ingas were trapped in the middle. Until about 10 years ago under the influence of guerrilla groups, drug traffickers and paramilitary groups they were involved in poppy and heroin production.

Fortunately for them and the later generations this has changed. Now it is a peaceful area without negative influences, illegal crops have been eradicated and a new culture has been born: coffee!.

The Caturra variety has been seeded in these lands. This variety is defined by having a good cup. Coffee is grown on average 2150 meters above sea level (from which comes part of the name that we have given this wonderful project) and grows in an area that is under the shadow of the volcano Galeras, a volcano that constantly expels ash which is rich in nutrients, this is specific to the region and gives the cup a special color. We´d like our clients to support this high quality product which is grown by people who really appreciate our help.

Excelso Specialty Coffees Inga Aponte 2150

Exporter: Compañía Cafetera La Meseta S.A.
Brand: Inga Aponte 2150
Bags: 70 Kg. Net
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Department: Nariño
Height above sea level: 1800 a 2250 meters
Source: Nariño

Coffee Variety CaturraVariety: 100% Caturra
Harvest: May – August
Drying: In the sun

Coffee Variety CaturraVariety: 100% Caturra
Harvest: May – August
Drying: In the sun

Coffee Cafe Colombia SupremeType: Europa EP 10%
Mesh 18 30.5%, Mesh 17 34.3%
Mesh 16 25.7%, Mesh 15 8.1%
Mesh: 14 0.7%, Mesh 12 0%
Humidity: 11-12%.

Excelso Specialty Coffees RoastedFragrance: Pronounced, sweet, honey, floral
Aroma: Fruity, chocolate, red cherries, sweet cane, cocoa.
Acidity: Medium High
Body: Medium
Overall impression: Clean cup, good and balanced after taste.

SCCA Rated Inga AponteFragrance / Aroma 8
Taste 7.5
Aftertaste 7.5
Acidity 7.5
Body 7.5
Uniformity 10
Balance 8
Consistency 10
Sweet 10
Concept taster 8
Total: 84

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Project Details

January 1st, 1983
Specialty Coffees
Productores y Exportadores Café de Colombia (Excelso Café Verde en Grano y Cafés Especiales)

Project Skills

  • Acidity Medium high
  • Aroma: Fruity chocolate red cherries sweet cane cocoa
  • Body Medium
  • Fragrance: Pronounced sweet honey floral
  • Overall impression: Clean cup good and balanced after taste