Excelso Specialty Coffees Women´s HarBEST

Project Description

Excelso Specialty Coffees Colombia Womens Harbest BagAt dawn, when the sun rises, there is a lovely smell of coffee flowers and a sweet chocolate aroma of a freshly prepared cup of coffee.

Women that work in the coffee region, delicate and elegant, who represent entrepreneurial and hardworking women, work with their hands to collect ripe fruits to achieve a coffee whose quality delights only the most discerning palates.

Those coffee plantations surrounded by green lemon and delicious orange trees, bring to mind those citrus notes that is the characteristic of a good Colombian coffee. This is how the efforts of a group of women working daily to get excellent quality coffee, are defined.

Excelso Specialty Coffees Estate Coffee La Guamera

Exporter: Compañía Cafetera La Meseta S.A.
Brand: Women´s HarBEST
Bags: 70 Kg. Net.

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Department: Caldas
Height above sea level: 1350 a 1650 meters
Source: Department center (Palestina Caldas)

Coffee VarietyVariety: Castillo Naranjal, variety Colombia, caturra
Harvest: May – August
Drying Process: Sun Dried

Coffee Cafe Colombia SupremeType: Europa EP 10%
Mesh 18 45%, Mesh 17 55.5%
Type: UGQ (usually good quality)
Mesh 18: 17.5%, Mesh 17: 21.8% ,Mesh 16: 25.6%, Mesh 15: 22.6% Mesh 14: 11.5%, Mesh 12: 1%
Mesh: 14 11.5%, Mesh 12 1%
Humidity: 11-12%

Excelso Specialty Coffees RoastedFragrance: Medium high, sweet notes, chocolate and a slight floral
Aroma: Medium high sweet fruity notes.
Acidity: Medium.
Body: Medium, delicate, creamy.
Overall impression: Clean cup, consistent with good aftertaste

SCCA Rated Womens HarbestFragrance Aroma7.5
Taste 7.5
Aftertaste 7.5
Acidity 7.5
Body 7.5
Uniformity 10
Balance 7.5
Consistency 10
Sweet 10
Concept taster 7.5
Total: 82.5

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150150 to 500+ of 1.000

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Project Details

January 1st, 1983
Specialty Coffees
Productores y Exportadores Café de Colombia (Excelso Café Verde en Grano y Cafés Especiales)

Project Skills

  • Acidity Medium high
  • Aroma: Medium high sweet fruity notes
  • Body: Medium delicate creamy
  • Fragrance: Medium high sweet notes chocolate and a slight floral
  • Overall impression: Clean cup consistent with good aftertaste