Frequently Asked Questions FAQ´s


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Who can sell Colombian coffee?
Colombian Green Coffee can be sold by all duly registered private exporters, it is also sold by the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia.

Who can buy Colombian coffee?
Every person who wishes to can buy coffee from Colombia, to learn how, please use the following link Buy Coffee

What is the difference between buying from a private exporter and buying from the Federation of Coffee?
There is no difference, it is the customer who decides whom to buy Colombian Coffee from.


What is a futures contract?
A futures contract is an agreement between a buyer and a seller over a specified amount of coffee, with a delivery date agreed upon by common agreement and a previously established price.

What is stock price?
The stock price is the price shown by the terminal ICE: Inter Continental Exchange coffee, which is registered with the letter “C”. This is for Arabica coffee which is the coffee that is sold in Colombia.

What is a fixed priced contract?
A fixed priced contract is an agreement between buyer and seller of a certain price in pounds, for a specific amount of coffee, this price includes the futures price and the differential, which is the premium for Colombian coffee.

What is the differential?
Differential is a price that shows the supply and demand between buyers and sellers daily for Colombian coffee, it is also known by the premium paid to buy soft Arabica coffee, in our case Colombian coffee.

What is the validity for a contract of Colombian Coffee?
Green Colombian coffee export contracts are valid from the month of shipment agreed upon, until the coffee is shipped in compliance with instructions received from the client, the export contract expires when the bill is paid in full.


Where is the coffee shipped from?
Our coffee can be shipped from either Buenaventura or Cartagena.

Where can the coffee be Shipped to?
Our coffee is shipped to major ports all around the world upon request from our customers.

How long does it take for the coffee to arrive?
From the time a contract is agreed upon a period of time is set during which coffee is ready to ship, La Meseta Coffee Company complies with this exact date, and thereafter the time depends on the transit time of each shipping company.

What type of packaging is used for shipping coffee?
We use new sisal bags, made in Colombia and weighing 700 grams, bags are used for shipment in bulk.

What is the difference between FOB and CIF and CNF?
FOB means Free On Board, which implies that the coffee is delivered ready to be shipped to the shipping company, chosen by the customer.
CIF: This type of shipment is also managed in coffee, and the given price includes the freight and insurance cost to the destination.
CNF: The same as above, but does not include insurance.

Can I buy CIF?
For each individual shipment the intention must be made clear that the coffee needs to be shipped under a CIF basis, we will evaluate if this possibility exists for that particular destination.


What guarantee do I have that the coffee I buy is of good quality and 100% Colombian?
Colombian coffee is widely recognized for its world class quality. It is a coffee that has characteristics acquired by the Colombian soil, and coupled with this the unique characteristics of the harvesting and processing of the coffee provide its flavor and distinctive features. In addition to this, the quality of Colombian coffee is always evaluated for each lot that is sold abroad.
100% Colombian coffee always comes along with a Certificate of Origin issued by the National Federation of Coffee Growers and endorsed by the ICO (International Coffee Association).

Why choose Colombian Coffee?
Colombian coffee is one of the milder coffees in the world and its variety of climates, altitudes and soil characteristics make it possible to have a characteristic flavor, medium acidity and a good body.

What is specialty coffee?
Specialty coffee is coffee which by its nature of cup, size, height, the particular region where it grows, or the seal which it has; it is supported internationally and/or it is sold with a higher premium (differential).

Coffee comes from the seed of a fruit, this seed is covered with several outer layers. It’s called washed (lavado) when water is used to remove the layers that are attached to the seed of the coffee, this is a process that has been used in Colombian coffee production since the 1800´s.

What is Arabica coffee and what is Robusta coffee?
Basically these are 2 varieties of coffee, which have different cup characteristics, price, are sold on different platforms, are different in size and performance, etc…