Coffee and Compañia Cafetera La Meseta S.A. represents in my life a complete adventure full of learning, sharing with others, a world in which every day it immerses you and won’t let you leave. From my position, I try to make the best effort so that the bond in the business chain reaches a happy ending, trying to understand the client and their wishes according to their instructions, and thus organize everything in such way so that both the Company and our client are satisfied with the results.


Compared to other coffee companies, the Company believes in its people, in the possibility to create more employment through producing and marketing this valuable fruit that is coffee, which causes passion and pride. These motivate me every day to generate better commercial relations with the shipping companies, clients and customs agents because I am convinced that these good relationships help to make an active and assertive process.

Moreover, how not to believe in coffee, if this has been an emblematic product of Colombia. Although many have lost the faith to continue producing this product, the Company tries to renew that thought. Not only among its managers but in all its collaborators and coffee producers, inspiring each day to generate new ideas, being at the forefront of a diverse market present today to export coffee; because we understand that the trends and tastes of people have changed through time, becoming more demanding and specialized. These are the reasons why we want to tell stories through each brand, that when the customer drinks and enjoy a cup of coffee from La Meseta, feels the history of a town full of passion, that regardless of their difficulties, they want to move forward.

That’s why on this day I decide to BE HAPPY and let myself seduced by the aroma and flavor of a CUP OF COFFEE.